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Your Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Expert tips from Flask & Field


As we transition out of warm weather, we must also keep in mind our palates need a refresher as well. Believe it or not, that means transitioning our wines throughout our meals to make sure we’re not overloading on heavier red wine too early or getting full on bubbles too late! We spoke with our resident wine experts at Flask & Field to give you all the tips & tricks you need to expertly pair the right wines with your Thanksgiving meal - from the start of the day to dessert. Cheers! 

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Tip #1: Start with bubbles 

We’re big believers that every holiday gathering (no matter how small) should start with a glass of something sparkling. Whether it's classic champagne or a fun and flirty pet nat, there’s something about popping a bottle of bubbles to set the evening off right and get your palate ready for a long night of eating and drinking. We like to fill our sinks with ice and keep all of our bottles chilled for guests to help themselves even after dinner.

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Tip #2: Sip on something light 

Once you’re all settled in around the table (or the zoom?) and people start noshing and chatting, open up a couple of bottles of crisp white wine to pair with lighter fare like salads and appetizers. We are Sancerre girls through and through and we’re guessing your mother-in-law will be too.  

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Tip #3: Transition to reds 

Throughout dinner, you’ll want to bring out a couple of different light and lovely reds with a little chill on them. Light-bodied red wines like pinot noir, zinfandel, and Beaujolais are tried and true classics for Thanksgiving, and honestly, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. The bright and crunchy fruit flavors of easy-drinking, lower ABV reds pair perfectly with tart cranberry sauce and the silky smooth tannins play well with all sorts of richer dishes without stealing the show. We love this gorgeous little Nouveau from Las Jaras for its perfect balance of big juicy fruit, baking spice, and subtle earthiness.

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Tip #4: Sweeten things up 

After dinner, unbutton your top button and pour everyone a little glass of amaro on an ice cube with desert. Amaro (Italian for “bitter”) is a traditional after-dinner digestif infused with herbs, flowers, and spices and typically served at the end of a meal. We love lingering over a little glass of amaro and feeling fancy and full all at once. Our team is obsessed with this perfect sweet/bitter Amaro from Forthave Spirits.

You can get all of these wines and MORE at ROW. Find Flask & Field at B2 SUITE 180.