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Tips for (new) Entrepreneurs

From the Experts at Shopify Los Angeles


It’s hard to be an entrepreneur. We know that just as well as the next guy. In honor of National Entrepreneurs Day, we wanted to give all the aspiring business owners out there another push in the direction of their dreams with expert tips for how to start a business. Read them below and remember that these are just one of the MANY ways Shopify at ROW can help you turn your dreams into a reality if you stop by their space. 

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Tip 1: Find a business idea  

Every business starts with an idea. Set aside time for yourself to brainstorm and come up with a business idea that you want to pursue. To get started, ask yourself questions like: What is a problem I’d like to solve? Do I see a gap in a particular market? What is the existing competition? Will it sell?

Tip 2: Develop your product

Once you’ve identified a niche, you’ll need to decide what you want to sell. You can do this by prototyping a new product, customizing an existing product, or curating your own collection of products through dropshipping. 

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Tip 3: Invest in your brand

In a world dominated by social media, it’s important that your brand visually stands out from the crowd. Investing resources into great product and lifestyle imagery will draw customers to your brand and ease purchasing decisions. 

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Tip 4: Develop a marketing strategy

When people think of marketing, typically what comes to mind is paid advertising. But marketing is simply how you promote your business. And--news flash--it doesn’t have to be costly! With social media, SEO optimization, and other tactics, there are more ways than ever for potential buyers to discover your brand.

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Tip 5: Do it!

Sometimes the best way to get started is to get out there and start! There are many ways to start your own business, even with limited resources. Come visit Shopify Angeles for an in-depth consultation on how you can start a business today.

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You can do all this and MORE at Shopify LA’s ROW location. They offer a professional grade audio podcast studio for all things audio and visual recording, along with free, 45 minute one-on-one business coaching sessions to truly give you the support you need. Beyond that, the space features a Book Nook, a creative studio space for shoppable art and installations, AND a space for kids… because we all know entrepreneurship starts at every age. Find them at B1 SUITE 100.