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Switch Up Your Spring Scent

Brought to you by Scent Bar


Spring cleaning involves a lot of things. Cleaning up your wardrobe, upgrading your furniture, getting rid of the clutter. But believe it or not, changing up your scents is just as vital. Why, you ask? Well, it not only captures the ambience of each season, but also ensures you smell your best. It’s easy to associate freshness, happiness and blooms with this time of year, so why not reflect that in your personal aromatic choices. Try seeking out cool and citric essences for summer and more floral notes for spring. Here are some selects to get you started. 



Why we love it: A bright, boozy raspberry-pear and a smoky, ashy tobacco come together to create a tart, fuzzy variant soaked in the Cognac-like richness of davana and pear juice. Aka if you like Tuscan leather, you’ll appreciate this smell. 



Why we love it: Candied lemon-rind musks and animalic notes suspended in a haze of modern woody-ambery aroma chemicals. Thanks to a mesh of powerfully dry, smoky woods, fresh spice and electric ambers, this scent comes with its own atmosphere. Enter if you dare. 



Why we love it: This perfume represents the hypnotic sparkle of the stars in the jet-black night sky; a twinkle that is expressed through vibrant natural Japanese citrus notes and supplemented with the complexity of real bergamot. Smooth, sweet florals and rich frankincense provide the inky night-sky contrast, while the aromatic sparkle of authentic Hokkaido pine and hiba wood invigorate and soothe in equal measure. 



What we think: Indulge in a scrumptious take on a floral dessert fragrance that isn't loud or overly sweet, but rather creamy and nuanced thanks to delicate lemon sugar and a sprinkling of candied rose petals. 

Find more of these dreamy seasonal scents at Scent Bar, your one stop shop for the best in niche fragrance, since 2002. See you at ROW!