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Sole Warmers

Holiday Gift Guide


Did you know that our feet are equipped with special vessels that are especially effective at heat removal? Aka heat escapes our body through our feet faster than anywhere else. So warm your soles (and your souls!) by giving the gift of toasty toes this holiday season. 

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01. Bodega Bandana Socks 02. Coast by Coast Smiley Socks 03. Hightide Obscure Socks 04. Coast by Coast Color Block Socks 05. Arcade A Twist on Socks 06. Bel Kazan Polka Dot Socks 07. Bel Kazan Heirloom Socks 08. Bodega Rose Socks 09. Omami Mini Knit Baby Socks 10. Bel Kazan Floral Socks 11. Coast by Coast Kids Smiley Socks 12. Tried & True Co. Branded Socks

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