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Slow Fashion



Fashion is, by definition, the prevailing style during a particular time. The entire industry relies heavily on consumers buying (and eventually discarding) seasonal trends. But it’s no secret that this type of consumer culture, commonly referred to as “fast fashion,” has landed the industry a reputation as one of the largest global polluters. 

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Brands like Mod Ref, a clothing company at ROW that provides wearable collections all year round, are leaning into a new way to combat this global issue through “slow fashion.” The thinking behind slow fashion is simple: focus less on trends and more on timeless pieces that are environmentally and socially ethical. 


"In a world dominated by fast fashion brands, we want to be a better option that encourages more mindful decisions.” says Mary Nagakawa, Creative Head of Mod Ref.

Designed in Los Angeles, Mod Ref remains dedicated to designing affordable, enduring pieces with great attention to quality, fit, and detail. The intent behind their clothing is that it will last in your wardrobe long after trends have tapered off.


Since the average consumer only wears about 20% of what’s in their closet, it’s easy to replicate Mod Ref’s mindset and embrace slow fashion. Here are a few ways.

  1. Build a responsible wardrobe by investing in high-quality items that will outlive any trends and don’t need to be replaced each season.

  2. Rethink where and who you buy your clothing from. Know where it’s made, and support businesses that are focused on responsible practices. When you shop at ROW, you’ll get to know the brand founders and really understand the pieces you’re buying.

  3. When you do buy new apparel items make sure all packaging is disposed of properly, ideally by recycling and composting. Wear your clothes longer before washing, and hand wash items as often as possible to help reduce the number of chemicals released into the environment.

  4. When you are ready to part ways with your threads, repair, donate, or resell old garments as often as possible.


In honor of Earth Day, add to your slow-fashion wardrobe with a trip to Mod Ref, and have a walk around the district to get to know our retailers. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in any pics of new lasting styles you pick up.