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Self-Care Tips For Entrepreneurs

Shopify Tells All


In the thick of nurturing a business, it can often be easy to overlook nurturing yourself. That’s why we met with Shopify to give us the scoop on how to take care of ourselves while passionately pursuing our hopes and dreams. Whether your new idea is starting off as a side hustle, or you’ve just quit your job and are pursuing it full time, we’ve got the self-care tips you need to ensure you experience success along the way. 

Tip #1: Check in with your mental health 

First start off by taking full, abdominal breaths to regulate your nervous system. Then, ask yourself how you’re feeling: Are you feeling overworked? Are you physically tired or more mentally exhausted? Make sure to bake these questions into your day or week AND to take your answers seriously. 

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Tip #2: Give your body continued sustenance 

No, that third cup of coffee or matcha doesn’t count. We’re talking actual food and sustenance to fuel your body so that it can continue to perform for your mind. This means drinking lots of water, eating when you’re hungry and avoiding sugary items that cause energy dips later on. 

Tip #3: Exercise 

A 30 minute walk around the block, or a 15 minute computer break will not only get your blood moving again but will recharge your mind and help you minimize stress. 


Tip #4: Prioritize sleep 

This seems obvious, but it’s important which is why we included it here. Sleep helps your brain and body function. Without it, your mental and physical stamina become impaired. Ultimately, we’re not saying you have to get 8-10 hours -- that number is individual to you -- but we are saying, try sticking to a consistent bedtime so that you get your needed amount of rest ahead of the next work day. 

Tip #5: Maintain hobbies & human interaction 

Human interaction is known to lighten your mood, make you feel happier and is generally good for your brain health. So is a clean delineation between work and play. Taking breaks to have fun or be social actually works out other parts of your brain so that you can be more creative when you get back to the grind.  

Find additional resources for entrepreneurs on the Shopify blog here, and make sure you support your fellow innovators at ROW all year long.