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Last Minute Gifts That Appear Thoughtful AF

ROW’s Holiday Gift Guide


Oh no! Time is running out to get all the gifts you need for the people in your lives that you love. Whether the delay is due to them being picky or you being generally behind this holiday season (of which, we can most certainly not blame you and in fact, are in solidarity with you) please don’t fret -- we have some last minute options that will do just the trick. 

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Areaware Goober Candle, Coast by Coast

Smiley Towel, Coast by Coast

Marching Bear Statue, A+R Design

Modernist Marble Bowls, Hawkins New York

CDW Key Ring Holder, Hightide Store

Mohair Pillows, Hawkins New York

Laherte Frères Rose De Meunier Extra Brut, Flask and Field

Thermal Bag, High Tide Store

Socks, Banks Journal

You can get all of these gifts and more at ROW. We’ll even be hosting Sip & Shops every Friday with the tenants to make in-person shopping that much more enjoyable. See you soon!