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Gift Guide: For The Woman Who Does It All

Curated by Belinda Kazanci



Belinda Kazanci is the founder of Bel Kazan, a socially responsible apparel line whose newest home is at ROW. As both the creative director and CEO of her brand, she is by definition a woman who does it all.

So whether it's your mom who always helps take care of your kids, or your girlfriend who somehow landed her dream job, all while remembering to plan dates for the two of you, or your best friend, here are gifts she’ll love, hand selected by Belinda herself.  


01. Mesh cardigan from Jonny Cota 02. The Things We Do Gift Card 03. Kinto Bud Vase 04. Dylan Lex Necklace 05. Bel Kazan Butter Crock 06. Bel Kazan Ceramic Plates 07. Bel Kazan Ceramic Vase

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