Where To Go When You Just Want Some Oysters

The best places to eat oysters in the months with an “R” in their name - and every other month, too.


You know that old saying about how you can only eat oysters in months that have an “R” in their name? Well, times – and food safety techniques – have changed. Now, there’s no bad time of year to enjoy a dozen oysters with the beverage of your choice.

But you shouldn’t settle for an oyster spot that doesn’t give a shuck. You want a legit selection of legitimately good oysters, served with some kind of alcohol, in a setting where you can sit by yourself (or with a friend) and house a bunch of shellfish without getting weird looks. In short, you want one of these spots – our picks for the best places to eat oysters in LA.

Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Close your eyes at Rappahannock Oyster Bar, and you can practically hear the boats and birds of the Chesapeake Bay. They’ve got a great patio at the Row in DTLA that’s shaded by a huge tree, making it the ideal place to eat the absolutely fantastic Virginia oysters grown at the restaurant’s own farm east of Richmond. They have three different kinds – our favorites are the Rochambeau, which are a bit sweet, but still have the brininess associated with East Coast oysters. Their kimchi mignonette is one of our favorites in the city, too.