Creator Talk: Michael Fullman x Telestron

Michael Fullman is the Creative Director behind VT Pro Design – a diverse studio of creators, engineers, programmers and designers who aim to connect audiences through interactive technology and experiences. With the debut of Telestron – his collab installation with artist GMUNK – and it’s six week run at ROW DTLA, we asked Michael what fires up his creative process.

ROW DTLA: Give us insight into your creative process.
MF: My personal process is incredibly collaborative. The process behind this piece isn’t necessarily about myself as an artist; but rather about the entire team’s hard work and willingness to collaborate on the original design of the project. Telestron started with a deep narrative and storyboarding that then became a roadmap for everyone involved to create this piece.

ROW DTLA: How has your practice as an artist evolved?
MF: It has always evolved through play, finding new technologies and learning about them. In recent years it has become more about hiding the use of the technology and focusing more on it’s usage as a part of the storytelling. I’m always – and VT Pro Design as a team – are always learning new practices and approaches that push us forward and inform our next pieces of work.

I want people to be inspired to look at things in a different way, to draw inspiration in their own lives…

ROW DTLA: Is there a common theme throughout all of your work?
MF: I started as a lighting designer and still love to explore the absence and presence that can be created in a space. A lot of the work we do at VT Pro Design is focused on site specific spaces, and we often experiment and play with the use of light in those spaces.

ROW DTLA: What sparked your inspiration for Telestron?
MF: Telestron was inspired by a conversation of what we could actually put on a robot.

ROW DTLA: How much of your work would you say is philosophical vs. visceral?
MF: The philosophical side is often meant for my own internal process, while the visceral is expressed in our work through the feeling that it conveys in a user experience.

ROW DTLA: How much does music influence what you create?
MF: Music has always played a strong role in what we create at VT Pro. Prior to VT Pro, I traveled around the world as a lighting designer and stage designer for a number of touring acts.

ROW DTLA: What do you like to listen to while you’re creating?
MF: All sorts of different things; my playlist is constantly changing. Right now it’s a lot of jazz.

ROW DTLA: Do you have a particular collaboration or project that’s a favorite?
MF: Telestron is definitely one of my favorites. This project brought together the best of our internal team and some of our favorite external collaborators.

ROW DTLA: Is there a brand or project that you’re dying to work on?
MF: Creating experiences around fashion shows has always been interesting to me, especially because it’s another creative industry where I can collaborate with a combination of people and talents to tell creative stories.

ROW DTLA: What feeling do you want your audience to walk away with?
MF: I want people to be inspired to look at things in a different way, to draw inspiration in their own lives, and think about what they can create by leveraging technologies and not be limited by themselves.