The ultimate guide to spending 4 days in Downtown Los Angeles

When you think of LA, the first things that likely come to mind are, Hollywood Boulevard, palm trees, and celebrities. But we’re here to tell you, it’s so much more than that.

If you’re heading to the City of Angels, why not spend a little less time in Hollywood and a little more time in the heart of the city. Somewhere like downtown Los Angeles aka DTLA. Because DTLA is no longer the downtown you knew 20 years ago, it’s now a vibrant neighbourhood with a buzzing scene.

Now, before you start looking up flights, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to spending four days in DTLA.

Take a tour of ROW DTLA

There’s no doubt that LA has a buzzing arts and culture scene. Take a trip to ROW DTLA, a revitalized hub which supports local creatives. ROW DTLA transformed from an abandoned space to a growing community with restaurants, independent stores, and offices, including Shopify’s brick-and-mortar location.

While you walk around, you’ll stumble upon lots of popular spots, like the ‘You Are Going To Be Fine’ mural by Leta Sobierajski. And you can’t leave ROW without making a stop at Bodega. This spot is a sneaker lovers dream and even if you aren’t into sneakers, the concept is worth going for. You just have to do a little searching to find the hidden spot (Hint: The entrance is disguised as a produce warehouse).

And lastly, you can’t visit ROW without grabbing a bite. Spots like Pikunico, a fast-casual restaurant serving crunchy Japanese karaage (fried chicken), is perfect after an afternoon of exploring. Grab a sandwich and sit down at the picnic-style bench and enjoy some good eats.

Now that you have your itinerary planned, you’re one step closer to having the best weekend in La La Land!