ROW DTLA, the burgeoning hub attracting creatives, innovators, and artists to the edge of Los Angeles’ expanding Arts District, proudly partners with creative design firm and technology studio VT Pro Design to present Telestron, a gripping theatrical experience featuring state-of-the-art robotics and visually stunning light displays. Opening February 22, 2019, this unique installation only seen twice before in Houston and China makes its West Coast debut at ROW DTLA and will be FREE and open to the public through the end of March.

Masterfully marrying cutting-edge robotic and light projection technology with ancient ritual, Telestron brings audiences through a seven-minute performance inspired by the Greek Festival at Eleusis, which took place in a darkened chamber called the Telesterion. Employing two large-scale robotic conductors wielding fabricated geometric shades that immerse guests in brilliant arrays of light and shadow, Telestron recreates the diurnal cycle or pattern of the Earth’s rotation from day to night. Harnessing the spiritual forces of nature to create a transformative experience, the exhibit is designed to emote the movement of the sun, passing of the four seasons, and an artistic impression of the current chaotic state of the natural cycle, one with a warming planet and turbulent environment.

“Our goal was to create a consuming, multisensory performance that would push the boundaries of audiences’ five senses as well as our own robotics capabilities,” says Munkowitz. “We wanted to elegantly convey the staggering power of Mother Nature in an all-encompassing, truly metamorphic way, with robots.”

Telestron was born from a creative partnership between VT Pro Design and Bradley Munkowitz, an accomplished San Francisco-based graphic designer better known as GMUNK. At the helm of the project is VT Pro Design’s Chief Creative Officer Michael Fullman, lending his extensive background in theater and light design to conceptualize an emotionally charged theatrical display that transcends the conventional paradigms of art, technology, and the human experience.

“One of the unique challenges with robots is discovering creative ways to manipulate them beyond their typical task-oriented precision,” says Fullman. “We wanted to give them personality and a character-driven presence, thinking not only about how the robot was moving, but why it was moving. Their actions needed to demonstrate intention and emotion.”

ROW DTLA welcomes Telestron to its 32-acre campus alongside a host of globally recognized tech tenants like Shopify and UBTech as well as new technology pop-up exhibit, bitforms gallery, reinforcing its intrepid approach to the arts and a technology-centric ethos.

“It is an experience unlike any other and a true celebration of creativity in all forms,” says Bess Wyrick, ROW DTLA Senior Director of Events & Brand Strategy. “ROW DTLA is an evolving enclave for a dynamic community of dreamers, innovators, and trendsetters. We look forward to continued opportunities to work with incredible talent like VT Pro Design, bringing unique exhibits and contributing to the transformation of L.A.’s Arts District.”

The Telestron exhibit is open from 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Wednesday – Sunday. For further information please visit