How Do You DTLA?

Jason Stewart, DJ

In “How Do You DTLA?” we ask our favorite creatives what they love most about our vibrant neighborhood.

Jason Stewart makes music and DJs under the name Them Jeans.

Visit his Soundcloud for mixes and music.

Jason is also the host of the weekly comedy podcast Tall Tales and weekly food podcast The Stew.

A true foodie, Jason reveals what’s at the top of his list when it comes to eating in DTLA.

Most unique dining experience?

71Above is pretty unique.

It never gets old to me.

Favorite grocery market?

Little Tokyo Market Place.

It’s a Korean supermarket in the middle of a giant Japanese mall.

Best Food Truck?

Carnitas El Momo

Does really good pork and some other specials here and there.

Secret Dessert Spot?

Sit at the counter bar

at Badmaash

And order a couple tiny ice cream sandwiches and a couple tiny hot chai teas.