Tumaca Truck

Happy Food from Barcelona

The first and only Spanish food truck in LA has hit the road to spread its good mood food all over the city! Tumaca Truck was born in the “Costa Brava” from a French-Spanish couple who decided without thinking twice to leave everything behind and head West to share their love for Spanish food and culture. And what’s better than a (big, red) truck to bring it to the street? The answer is around the corner: a gourmet selection of house-made sandwiches and tapas from Barcelona, prepared from scratch with the best quality ingredients – either imported from Spain or sourced from artisan producers carefully chosen on LA’s Farmers markets, such as hand-raised pork from Peads and Barnetts. Most sandwiches are served in the Catalan-style “Pan Tumaca” (tomato bread): 2 slices of freshly baked, lightly toasted ciabatta bread (from Bub and Grandma’s) brushed with ripe tomato and extra virgin olive oil – an authentic recipe which has early been adopted by the Catalans and become a symbol of Barcelona’s identity and way of life.