Adidas to Open “World Class” Office at ROW DTLA

Adidas has found a Los Angeles home.

The Germany-based brand — which has enjoyed significant growth in the North American market despite slowing athletic trends — today announced that it will open a “world class” office in L.A. early next year.

Adidas said it is customizing the space to “encourage creativity and be an open-source collaboration hub that invites consumers and athletes into the brand.”

“What we’re doing is focusing on key cities and in America — those are New York and Los Angeles — which set the trends for young consumers,” Mark King, president of Adidas North America, told Footwear News. “We’ve [done this so far] with all kinds of activations that make those cities come alive with our brand. We take advantage of sporting events, local athletes and leagues, and we launch a lot of our products in these key cities — [which] keeps our brand cool.”

The new space — which King hopes will bring the company “much closer to our consumers in Los Angeles” — will create a home base for the its employees in L.A. across sales, entertainment and influencer marketing as well as teams driving editorial and social.

Adidas has approximately 20 people in L.A., and the new space will hold around 35.

“Influential cities drive trends not only across the U.S. but around the world,” King said. “We’re bringing the best of Adidas to Los Angeles. It’s a hub for entertainment, sport and fashion. It’s home to some of the best teams and athletes in the world. It’s right where we want to be.”

Adidas North American headquarters are based in Portland, Ore.

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