36 Most Anticipated Los Angeles Restaurant Openings of 2017



On many levels, 2016 was a bust, but it was still a great year for dining in LA, with a lot more goodness on the horizon for 2017. There will be a huge hotel boom bringing big names from New York to Beverly Hills and Downtown, local chefs anchoring up-and-coming neighborhoods and lots more fried chicken. Here’s the breakdown by season.

If you’ve been to Smorgasburg, you know where this new live/work/eat/drink complex is in the Warehouse District in Downtown LA. Eventually there will be 100 retail spaces filled, but here’s where it begins: Rappahannock Oyster Bar will open late spring/early summer, with the family-run operation from Virginia making its debut on the West Coast; a third Go Get Em Tiger outpost; and another location for the Aussie-backed Paramount Coffee Project for flat whites, food and wine.

777 S. Alameda St.

Original Article Appeared on: Zagat.com