The 15 coolest things coming to us cities in 2017

You know why so many people celebrate so hard when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st? Well, aside from the fact they have been drinking since noon, it’s also because on January 1st we get a fresh slate of TEN WHOLE VACATION DAYS! And as soon as the New Year’s Day hangover wears off, it’s time to start planning where we’ll spend those 80 working hours a year.

It might be tempting to go somewhere overseas. Somewhere exotic. But time and money are scarce commodities, and you already happen to be in the world’s most interesting country. Around this great nation of ours, some outstanding new things are popping up: museums, hotels, parks, water slides in the shapes of volcanoes, the usual. You’re about to have the time, so look to hit one of these US cities in the coming year.

The Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles, California
An artists enclave booms into a proper Downtown scene.
America’s greatest scene of urban sprawl has done a remarkable job updating its urban center, and in 2017 the Downtown core will be a part of LA worth visiting as surely as Venice Beach or Hollywood. High-rise development is only part of the story; the real spot to see is out on the fringes between Little Tokyo and the LA River, a one-time artists colony that’s become the non-showbiz creative hub of the city.

The coming year will see the biggest influx of business to the area since its recent resurgence. The 30-acre ROW DTLA project will welcome an 8,000sqft store from limited-edition clothier Bodega, minus the hidden entrance. It’ll also host a new location for local favorite cafe Go Get Em Tiger, as well as an oyster bar, a 4,000sqft indoor/outdoor coffee shop, and its own artists-in-residence program on site. It’s also home to a weekly showcase of local food vendors called Smorgasburg LA, the perfect way to taste the best food LA has to offer without having to shell out restaurant prices.